Kara Bess Bechtle

I think the world needs more heart. And cowboy boots. I believe in the power of strong faith, strong community and strong whiskey. 

I am ruthlessly compassionate and interested in drinking deeply from the well of life. All of it. Every drop has something for us. I am spunky and sweet, fierce and gentle, intense and wide open hearted.

I collect stories and share them in the photos I take and in the words I write on my blog. I believe our local community is full of powerful, incredible people whose voices need to be heard and elevated. 

I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography. My portfolio is steep. I've done everything from weddings and births to commercial real estate to National Geographic. I've taught the basics of photography to high schoolers overseas. I initially started my fine art photography business in 2005, but I've been taking pictures professionally since 2001.

Once upon a time, I lived in Prague, Czech Republic (in Central Europe) and started an artist's group. It was there that I first began to see myself as an organizer. I began to speak truth and hope into people who would have been strangers. Instead, through my gift and their openness, we became deeply connected, if only for a moment.

I want to mix together these passions of mine: photography, building community, writing, and truth-telling into one unstoppable cocktail. I want to teach and live out of Hope. No matter where you are on your journey, no matter how desperate things might seem in our current world- there is good to be seen and done. We can resist. We can create change. 

But I'll be honest, cowboy boots will help.