this holy ground

This swing. It's simple. Comfortable. It easily blends in with the house and its surroundings. This swing beckons me to come and sit. To gain rest and peace. 

So today, like many days before, I kick off my shoes, sit back and breathe deeply. Beside me is a garden, full of roses, lavender and herbs. And when I look out, I take in a picturesque view of the Sierra mountains. I recognize the simplicity of this space but I also know that a lot of life has occurred here. Many tears have been shed. Laughter has caused me to fall to the ground several times. I have found comfort in the embrace of my husband sitting beside me. I have closed my eyes while swinging back and forth and I am reminded of the playfulness I am grateful to have in my marriage. I long to tell stories and whisper secrets to my child here one day.

This simple, seemingly ordinary swing is sacred.

This is holy ground.

Max and I ended our (fantastic) third date here. We discussed wedding plans and dreams of our life together months later. Countless hours have been spent writing in my journal. Our sweet dog Maggie spent a lot of evenings sitting at our feet beneath the swing. Additions to our home were dreamed up and planned out. Meals have been shared. Glasses of whiskey have been sipped. Books have been read. Prayers were spoken. Songs were written. Guitar lessons have been attempted. Tears were shed after (yet another) loss. Hope was renewed.

Two years of life.

Grief mixed with joy. 

And through it all, this place remains a breathing space.


Set apart.

Because God has chosen time and time again to reveal himself to us at this seat. He is active and at work here.

I am in awe. Grateful. Blessed. And awaiting the next time I show up and enjoy this simple gift.