The journey to health is something to enjoy immensely, not a sentence of deprivation and restriction.

Through a holistic approach I support clients in their quests for health, wholeness, joy, and truth. Using nutrition as a starting point, clients team with me to tackle obstacles, face fears, and one day at a time, create new living patterns that topple years of blockage and hurdles. Together we build a formidable framework for a new,healthy path in life. This path is built from your unique strengths, preferences, creativity, and authentic expression.

AWAKEN: A Chakra Cleansing eCourse

Seven chakras. Seven weeks.

Do you feel tired? Run down? Mentally exhausted? Has your  

We will journey from one chakra to the next, moving from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. You will learn how each of these seven centers of energy and consciousness affects your physical, mental, and psychological functioning. Enjoy complimentary practices to unlock, strengthen, and balance the energy at each chakra. 

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Aromatherapy: One week Essential Oils Intensive eCourse

one week individual course for beginners on the importance of essential oils and their benefits. 

  • Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

  • Aromatherapy First Aid

  • Aromatherapy and Pain Management

  • Cooking with Essential Oils

  • essential oils body and beauty

  • Aromatherapy and Weight Loss

  • Aromatherapy and the Emotions


biblical essential oils. History, scripture verses and modern day uses. 

Individual Health Coaching $35/hourly

One hour skype call with Kara. Body mind and spirit health goal setting and wellness questionnaire.